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What Do You Not Want In A Lawyer?

When choosing a lawyer to work for your case, it is easy to get carried away thinking about all of the aspects that you do want in a lawyer. But, it is just as important that you consider the aspects and personality traits that you do not want to have in your lawyer. Today, we are going to share with you some of the most common traits you do not want in your lawyer.

Whilst being able to hold their place in a heated debate is ideal in a lawyer, you do not want to hire someone that is known to be argumentative. This can really manipulate your case in the wrong way, and some judges do not like it when lawyers do not know when to stop arguing their case.

No Listening Skills
Upon your first meeting with any potential lawyers take note of their listening skills. See if they are able to relay back information to you after some time talking to them. You want them to not be focused on selling themselves but listening to what you need of them. Listening skills are key for winning your case, so if a potential lawyer will not listen to you, turn the other way.

Research into your potential lawyer and see how often they interrupt other people. This is another sign of them not being good listener. You want someone who will let yourself, the judge, and other parties talk. If there are constant interruptions it is likely the case will not turn in your favour.

These are our top three aspects that you want to look out for in lawyers. If you notice any lawyers you are talking to have these aspects, turn the other way and find someone who does have the respect.