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Questions To Ask Your Lawyer At Your First Meeting

To ensure you are making the right decision with the lawyer you are hoping to work with, you should always ask these 3 questions.

1- How Many Similar Cases Have You Taken On?
Asking them this question will help you to find out how experienced they are with cases similar to your own. Every case is different so they may not be the same, but knowing you aren’t the first one will give you more hope.

2- What Is Your Succes Rate With Cases Like Mine?
Finding out how successful they have been as a lawyer with cases like your own will help you to feel more at ease. It will give you a good indication of how likely your case is to be successful following their success rate.

3- What Are Your Fees and Costs?
If you do not know and have not discussed this already, always ask about the fees and costs. Know the full ins and outs of the price, what is included and what may incur an additional charge.